Waterfall Chasing Vancouver Island

Mystic Beach Waterfall

During the winter and spring months, the waterfalls on Vancouver Island are abundant and breathtaking. Here’s a map with just some of the great waterfalls to check out on the island.

Mystic Beach has a 45 min hike with a gorgeous view.

Waterfalls on Vancouver Island

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Niagara Falls Victoria

Goldstream Park

Goldstream Park, Only 16 km from Downtown Victoria massive trees and 150-foot waterfall
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Sandcut Beach Sooke

Sandcut Beach

An unusual little waterfall dropping from a sandstone cliff into rocks before disappearing
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surfing Sombrio Beach

Sombrio Beach

Coldwater surfers, backpackers and families out for the day; a place you must visit
Vancouver Island Waterfalls

Every waterfall has its story. Some are easy to get to and well-travelled. As for others, it’s about the journey, not the destination. 

Witty’s Lagoon is home to a beautiful beach and Sitting Lady Waterfalls. Only 35 minutes from Victoria, it’s an accessible waterfall to reach.

The Ultimate Experiences on Vancouver Island

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