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Waterfall Locations on Vancouver Island

Winter brings out the best waterfalls on Vancouver Island

Who doesn’t love a good waterfall? In the spring and winter months on Vancouver island, there is always the opportunity to have a gorgeous waterfall backdrop to all your hiking memories, and we’ve got some must-see stops to add to your adventures.

open up our interactive map and take some time to browse through our list of some of the best waterfalls on Vancouver island!

Elk Falls from suspension bridge


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The Ancient Harris Creek Sitka Spruce tree found just off the road between Port Renfrew and Lake Cowichan
Harris Creek Spruce Tree
Mystic Beach Juan de fuca lg
Mystic Beach
Sandcut Beach Sooke
Sandcut Beach
Beautiful tall waterfall on Vancouver Island in Elk Falls Provincial Park along Campbell River
Elk Falls

Little Niagara

Let’s begin with an easy access hike, with a big pay-off. Goldstream Park is just 16 km from downtown Victoria, and park access is right off the Trans Canada highway. Experience a true rain forest feel along an easy going 1.5 km hike with the huge payoff of the Niagara Falls to finish it off. In the winter the 47 metre waterfall is in its full glory and worth every moment.

Sitting Lady Falls

Venturing a little further from Victoria is Witty’s Lagoon where you’ll discover Sitting Lady Falls. There is much more to experience in the area, but if waterfalls are your thing – be sure to visit during the rainy season to see its full power. 

Elk Falls

The Elk Falls suspension bridge is another great payoff. Bring a lunch and stay awhile – Elk Falls has so much to offer including canyon views, old-growth forests, a suspension bridge and, of course, Moose and Elk Falls. The trails in the area are wheel-chair accessible and you’ll find picnic areas and washrooms for your convenience. 

Mystic Beach Falls

Take Highway 14 down island and make a day out of your choice of various stops along the way. Experience a hidden waterfall on China Beach along the Juan de Fuca Straight. One of the most scenic locations you can take in is the gorgeous Mystic Beach which is ideal for taking in the rugged Vancouver Island coastline, exploring tidal pools, waterfalls, and even small sea caves.

Sandcut Beach Waterfall

For a truly unique waterfall, (also along Hwy 14) be sure to visit Sandcut Beach. This family friendly hike is beautiful on its own, but the beach offers incredible views of the Olympic Mountains and a short hike down the beach is where you’ll find a short but mighty waterfall carved into sandstone cliffs falling just a few metres to the pebble beach below. 

Sombrio Beach Hidden Waterfall

Got a surfer in the family? You will need to check out Sombrio Beach – the perfect location for coldwater surfers, backpackers, and family hikes. But yes, it also houses a hidden waterfall treasure, you’ll just need to do a bit of hiking for the payoff. 

If you head up Pacific Marine Road you’ll can visit the ever mighty Harris Creek Sitka Spruce. During the winter rainy season, you’ll be treated to turbulent rapids and a raging river, and if you explore a bit (on rugged terrain), you might find some waterfalls past the famous spruce.

Continue on to Central Island

Visiting up island? Take the Port Alberni Highway to visit the “Hole. It’s a truly fascinating sight – after a mossy rain forest hike, you’ll find a borehole straight through shale rock, originally designed to supply the city of Port Alberni with fresh water, but is now a magical tourist stop. Head north to Campbell River to see Elk Falls or explore highway 4, and discover the Englishman River Falls and the Little Qualicum Falls just 15 minutes from Cathedral Grove

Sandcut beach waterfall

Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall is a unique man-made hole cut into the shale rock cliff along a river just outside Port Alberni


Port Alberni


1.3km (0.8mi)





Hole in the Wall - Image
Hole in the Wall Hiking Trail Map

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