Vancouver Island Bucket List - What to do on Vancouver Island

Sooke -

The Hidden Gems of Sooke: A Shopper’s Treasure Map

Discovering Sooke's hidden shops and boutiques is part of the fun...
The Hidden Gems of Sooke: A Shopper's Treasure Map
Discovering Sooke's hidden shops and boutiques is part of the fun
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Two people, an adult and a child, excitedly raise their hands while standing in a giant tree stump in a Goldstream Park, with the text 'VICTORIA to NANAIMO Top 10 Stops Between Victoria and Nanaimo' overlaid on the image, inviting travelers to explore the scenic route.
Top 10 things to do traveling between Victoria to Nanaimo BC
Road trip from Victoria to Nanaimo here are the must see stops on our curated top 10 things to do...
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Cliffside view of SookePoint Ocean Cottage with oceanfront accommodations, nestled on a rugged coastline with a clear sky above and the ocean below, with bold text overlay stating 'Sooke Hotels - Oceanfront Accommodations in Sooke'.
We Visited the Best Hotels in Sooke and This Is What We Found
Discover the top hotels in Sooke, including the prestigious Oceanfront Resort on Vancouver Island...
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A smiling woman in a beanie and outdoor jacket proudly holds a large salmon aboard a boat, with text overlay stating 'Salmon Fishing Vancouver Island' set against a cloudy sky and calm sea backdrop.
Vancouver Island Fishing Charters | Fishing Guide to BC Salmon
Top Vancouver Island fishing charters, fishing guides for salmon fishing and halibut fishing. Pla...
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A humpback whale breaches the ocean's surface with a splash, with 'Whale Watching Vancouver Island' superimposed in white text. The background features a calm sea and a cloudy sky with mountains along the shoreline
Whale Watching Vancouver Island: Guide to the Best Spots & Tours
The ultimate whale watching guide on Vancouver Island. Boat tours to the top place for whale sigh...
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A Victoria Walking Tour with a diverse group of tourists in casual attire listens to a guide wearing a fedora and vest as he gestures animatedly in an open courtyard, flanked by charming, multi-story buildings with colourful storefronts and wooden balconies
Victoria Walking Tours, Explore With Food, History & Delight
Discover the charm of Victoria Walking Tours: Explore the historic streets, local cuisine, and sc...
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10 Cheap Hotels in Victoria BC: A Local's Picks for Budget-Friendly Stays
10 cheap hotels in victoria based on price, charm and location. Making for the perfect visit to V...
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The crash site of the Dakota WWII plane crash just outside of Port Hardy
War Bunkers to Crash Sites: A Tour of Vancouver Island's WWII Past
Explore curious sites from WWII on Vancouver Island. Playing a unique role during the conflict an...
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Amazing Race Vancouver Island Malahat SkyWalk
Amazing Race on Vancouver Island
The top spots Amazing Race Found in Victoria including the best views, historic castles and ocean...
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