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Welcome to Sooke

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Whether you’re planning a day trip or a longer stay, Sooke offers endless opportunities for all to enjoy.

Explore Sooke – a lesser-known hidden gem situated on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. Sooke offers something for everyone. It is the ideal destination if you are seeking adventure, relaxation or just a chance to get away from it all.

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Sunriver Nature Trail Old growth tree along the Sooke River
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A backyard secret is an easy walk as you head down the banks of the Sooke River
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Ella Beach is another hidden gem around Sooke, with an unspoiled view of Juan de Fuca Strait.
East Sooke Sasquatch
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This 11 foot Sasquatch isn't great at hiding and makes an easy stop on the way to East Sooke
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Sooke Experiences

A great place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers as there is a wide range of activities to explore.

Whale watching tours are popular here, where the explorers at heart can take a boat ride to view whales and other marine life in their natural habitat.

Fishing is another favourite pastime, as the town’s proximity to the ocean offers great opportunities to catch various fish and crabs. Hire one of the many local fishing guides to get you out on the water.

Those looking for more of a relaxed experience can head to one of Sooke’s spas for a bit of pampering and relaxation.

For a thrilling activity, adventure lovers can try out ziplining, which offers an adrenaline-pumping ride with fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Stretch your legs and take guided hiking or paddling tours of Sooke’s forests and coastlines and learn about the area’s rich history, culture and local wildlife.

With so many options, there is always something to do in Sooke!

Sooke Experiences >

Whale watching on Juan de Fuca Vancouver Island

Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Offering visitors a range of accommodation options for a comfortable and memorable stay. Visitors can choose from hotels, resorts and vacation rentals, each with unique characteristics and features.

Sooke hotels offer travellers comfortable and convenient accommodations within the town limits. Experience everything from stunning ocean views, on-site restaurant facilities, and modern amenities that cater to their guests’ every need.

Area vacation rentals offer travellers unique options providing privacy and a chance to experience Sooke like a local. For those looking to experience the area’s forest and nature up close, some rentals offer stunning rainforest views and even private trails for a true wilderness experience.

These accommodation options offer a choice of location and style, making it easy for visitors to find the perfect place to call home away from home in Sooke.

Sooke Accommodations >

Sooke Point Ocean Resort balcony view over Juan de Fuca Strait on Vancouver Island
Juan de Fuca Gateway
Vacation Rental
Sleep up to 2

Restaurants | Cafe's | Breweries

Sooke offers a wide variety of dining options for visitors looking for a delicious meal, snack or drink. The town boasts an array of restaurants that offer cuisines like seafood, sushi, Indian, and pub fare.

For a casual meal or snack, visitors can head to one of the various food trucks that serve local, fresh and delicious options. The region is also known for its microbreweries offering unique blends of local beer.

Visitors with a sweet tooth can look for artisanal bakeries and cafes throughout the town, serving up delicious baked goods, coffee and tea. Whether it’s a quick bite or a long leisurely meal, visitors are sure to find something to satisfy their cravings in Sooke.

Restaurants In Sooke >

Artisan Garden Cafe patio with water view


Sooke is known for its shops showcasing its artisan scene that visitors can easily find while wandering around town. You’ll find galleries, coffee shops and gift stores showcasing the work of local artists full of unique and beautiful pieces.

Visitors can also find jewelry, antiques, and clothing stores. Explore Sooke stores for the amazing local and island culture and enjoy the talent of Sooke artisans.

Markets and Fairs – Throughout the summer you will find community celebrations almost every weekend. There are two markets that are a weekly staple in the community. 
Sooke Night Market Thursday nights starting in June. And the Sooke Country Market Saturday afternoons starting in April.

Shop In Sooke >

jewelry in sooke Reynolds Antiques
A Sea of Bloom
Artisan Goods, Gift Shop, Jewelry

Walking and Exploring Sooke

Sooke is a beautiful town to explore on foot as it offers plenty of scenic spots to take in. Whiffin Spit is a popular walking area with locals and offers spectacular views of the ocean, and almost always the chance to spot seals, sea lions, and other creatures.

The Boardwalk Loop  offers a a scenic stroll starting downtown in Ed Macgregor Park, with a route that winds through scenic forest, coastline and along the spectacular wooden boardwalk, then back up towards town to complete the loop.

In addition to these well-known areas, there are numerous other trails like Broom Hill and paths like the Sunriver Nature Trail to explore throughout the town, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in Sooke’s natural beauty.

Broom Hill
Hike, Downhill MTB
Spectacular view in Sooke on top of Broom Hill in Sooke.
Ella Beach
Ella Beach is another hidden gem around Sooke, with an unspoiled view of Juan de Fuca Strait.

Sooke Maps

Sooke Transportation

Transportation – Sooke is located on four BC Transit bus routes:

  • 63 – Sooke / Otterpoint
  • 61 – Sooke / Langford / Victoria.
  • 64 – Sooke / East Sooke / Beecher / Langford.
  • 65 – Sooke / Victoria via Westhills
  • Taxi – Orange Taxi
Drone shoot showing the beauty of Sooke, mountains, hikes, fishing trails and so much more

Sooke Weather Forecast

Historical Weather

Sooke Weather historical average

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the year to visit Sooke?

You will find something new to discover in Sooke and scratch your travel itch at any time of year. The most common and pleasant time to travel is between May and September when there is little rain and the temperatures are more comfortable.

Summer – Dry, pleasant weather that doesn’t get too hot and stays at comfortable temperatures. Not a great time for waterfalls but perfect for everything else. Popular time for tourism (can be busy)

Fall – The rain starts, a great time for wildlife spotting as the Salmon start to spawn they become easy pray for bears and eagles

Winter – Although cool and wet – Sooke is still the warmest place in Canada during the winter months. Dress for it and you can have a wonderful vacation chasing waterfalls and hiking. Water related tourism business are usually Closed.

Spring – April to June is a great time to visit, the flowers start blooming by the end of March the waterfalls are still flowing. Whales and birds are migrating back at this time and the Island isn’t very busy with visitors.

What is there to do in Sooke?

The core area of Sooke has wonderful shops, restaurants and breweries. There are fantastic walks in Sooke that will take you  along the Sooke Harbour or up into the rainforest.

You’ll find wonderful artisan galleries, coffee shops, day spas and micro breweries spread throughout the District of Sooke, ready for your day of exploring.

What is Sooke known for?

It’s close proximity to Victoria and the amazing access to the outdoors including the Sooke Potholes and the Juan de Fuca Strait. Sooke is a popular seaside getaway surrounded by rainforests and fascinating wildlife.

Where is Sooke Located?

On the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Sooke is located 40 minutes west of Victoria.

Is East Sooke Part of Sooke?

The district of Sooke includes sections of East Sooke but that doesn’t mean it is easy to get to. Although it’s just across the Sooke Basin it can take 25 minutes to get from Sooke core to the furthest point in East Sooke. 

Most of East Sooke is the East Sooke Regional Park under the CRD administration.

What is the population of Sooke?

Sooke is growing fast, and as of the 2021 Census, the District of Sooke has a population of 15,000.