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About The Natural Connection

The Natural Connection is built to serve those who are seeking a relaxing & socially distant experience. For custom tours, you will talk directly with your guide about your personal fitness level, what you would like to see while hiking, and any outdoor experience you may have. Based on your answers, your guide will create a unique adventure tailored to your specifics. Or book one of the Rain Forest hiking tours at The Natural Connection.

Your day on the trail is not solely aimed at exercise, reaching a specific viewpoint or any other physical goal. Your guide can also help you experience the intangible aspects of nature; moments that cannot be described, only remembered. Through the practice of Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing), you are fully immersed in the natural world, body and mind. Groups are invited to ask about my mindful meditation practices, which incorporate the five senses in an effort to connect more to the surroundings and the entire day’s experience. These meditation practices can be utilized while seated or walking along the trail.

Experiences offered by The Natural Connection:


tea in the woods Natural Connection

Hosted at East Sooke Park or Sooke Potholes.
The fresh spring growth of many plants and trees can be collected and enjoyed as a wild tea. They may be dried for storage or enjoyed fresh. It’s a comforting way to connect further with the natural world and the friends you’re sharing the pot of tea with. As we hike I’ll identify various plants that can be used in a wild tea blend. I’ll pick us enough for a pot of tea, boil some water, and steep the wild ingredients right in front of you! Each guest will get a small bag to pick their own tea blend as we hike so that you can make another pot for yourself later.

2-3hrs – Challenge Rating – 3/10


Tour guide Natural Connection

Hosted at East Sooke Park or Sooke Potholes
The practice of Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku, has been shown to benefit many aspects of our health; both mental & physical. There are many ways to reap the benefits of this practice, and like other forms of meditation, there is no one, perfect method. Each person must find their own comfortable method of Forest Bathing. This experience will introduce you to the practice and give you the mental tools to continue on your own path.

​2-3hrs – Challenge Rating – 3/10


Tour guide natural connection

No trip to the Sooke area is complete without a guided hike through the Sooke Potholes park and learning about the local history, flora & fauna. Hear about the Leechtown Goldrush, Deertrail Lodge, and the Galloping Goose Rail Line while hiking the riverside. The yearly salmon returns in the fall are a sight to behold, and truly a wonder of nature. High water levels in the winter make for excellent waterfall viewing. This pristine river ecosystem is fed from the watershed lands of Sooke Lake where the drinking water for the Victoria region is collected. Summer tours are only advised early in the morning or evening; the area can be overrun with swimmers and parking is in short supply.

3-4hrs – Challenge Rating – 5/10