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Popular stops on Vancouver Island

Top places you don't want to miss when visiting Vancouver Island

Vancouver Islands most popular tourist stops that shouldn't be missed

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Small Alley - Fan Tan Victoria BC

You’re planning a trip and you want to see the créme de la créme of Vancouver Island. You’re in the right place – here you will find our list of the most popular stops to visit on Vancouver Island. Some you’ve maybe heard about, and a few that may surprise you. 

Vancouver Island does not short on fantastic, interesting, and charming places to see. Steeped in rich first nations history and a landscape to die for, you will most definitely find a few places to rave about when you reminisce after your trip.

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Vancouver Island
Sick In the Mud Cafe in Sooke BC
Stick In The Mud Coffee House
Stick in the Mud Cafe has great coffee and a must stop when in Sooke
A local hot spot, the Stick in the Mud is a roastery and a popular place to grab coffee and treats in Sooke.
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Scenery, shopping, adventure, there is so much to do. Let’s hope you booked enough vacation time to see everything! Take it easy and smell the roses at one of British Columbia’s top attractions, The Butchart Gardens. then stroll through unique shops in the oldest Chinatown in the whole of Canada!

Take an afternoon and go up the island to experience the Malahat Skywalk! Words truly can’t express the views you get from a top this completely accessible attraction, set within the gorgeous arbutus trees of the area.

Enjoy seafood along the world-famous Fisherman’s Wharf, or use the Trans Canada highway as your ticket to countless hikes and waterfalls throughout the rural towns of Vancouver Island. Experience some of the largest trees within Canada and marvel over their sheer size and beauty.

Check your way through our list or create your very own Bucket List! There is so much to see on this big beautiful island!

Whiffin Spit

A popular walk is located on the edge of Sooke. A beautiful spot for photos, fresh air




2.7km (1.7mi)





Whiffin Spit in Sooke drone shot
Whiffin Spit hike map

The Ultimate Experiences on Vancouver Island

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