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North Central Vancouver Island – Map

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Step into Nature’s Playground: Spectacular Views from North Central Vancouver Island

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Map of Vancouver Island North Central Zone

North Central zone on Vancouver Island is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife and abundance of outdoor activities. From hiking to kayaking, camping to fishing, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. The area has a unique climate that allows for year-round exploration and recreation opportunities, with lush forests, rugged mountains, and sparkling ocean views.

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From the white sand of Airforce Beach to the white snow atop Mount Washington. North Central Vancouver Island offers golfing on the coast and the next day skiing in the mountains.

Strathcona Provincial Park is the oldest and largest provincial park on Vancouver Island, located in North Central Vancouver Island. This rugged landscape and high snow-capped mountains are known for hiking trails  which range from easy and family-friendly, to challenging backcountry routes. The park is an excellent destination for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and experiencing the natural beauty of British Columbia.

If you are looking for waterfall views for the family or trekking down a river to find lesser-known locations, North Central Vancouver Island has that too!

Elk Falls is one of the most popular destinations in North Central Vancouver Island. The stunning Elk Falls Provincial Park is home to spectacular scenery, with a waterfall cascades to a peaceful pool and is surrounded by lush Douglas fir forests. It’s a perfect spot for picnicking, swimming or just relaxing in nature.


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