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Hiking on Vancouver Island. This place is a paradise for any outdoor enthusiast, with trails for every mood and skill level. Whether you’re into leisurely beachside strolls or you’re all about conquering mountain summits, there’s a trail here calling your name. 

This hiking trail guide will give you tips and information about where to go on Vancouver Island, along with walking you through the best day hikes the island has to offer, from easy-going walks to more challenging treks.

Let’s dive into what makes hiking along Canada’s West Coast so memorable and find you an experience you won’t forget.

Hiking down to Mystic Beach we crossed the suspension bridge over Pete Wolfe Creek

Explore Vancouver Island Hiking Trails: Your Interactive Guide

Ready to pinpoint your next day hiking adventure on Vancouver Island? 

Our interactive map is your go-to resource. It’s simple to use: zoom and click on any of the trail icons to get details about each hike.

You’ll find the best hikes on Vancouver Island that suit your needs with info on whether the trail is beachy, kid-friendly, a simple walk, wheelchair accessible, or if it leads you to a gorgeous waterfall.

Each listed hike below comes with a snapshot of what to expect. So go ahead and explore!

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Types of Hikes on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is home to a whole spectrum of hikes to choose from. Let’s break it down:

  1. Leisurely Walks: These walks are perfect if you love the ocean breeze and easy-going trails. They often feature easy-to-follow, well-marked paths, and you can find beautiful beach views or old-growth forests. Some of our favourites include Kinsol Trestle, Whiffin Spit and Cathedral Grove.
  2. Rugged Coastal Walks: These are for hikers seeking more adventure along the coastline. Rugged shoreline trails combine the beauty of the sea with a more challenging terrain. Expect rocky paths, maybe some scrambling, and stunning, unspoiled views of the ocean. It’s a great option if you are looking to experience the wilder side of Vancouver Island’s coastline. South Vancouver Island has three famous trails, including the West Coast Trail, Juan de Fuca Trail and East Sooke Marine Trail.
  3. Forest Trails: These are for those who enjoy being surrounded by greenery. The forest hikes range from easy to moderate and are often filled with the sounds of nature, babbling creeks, big trees and even waterfalls, making them a refreshing escape. Englishman River Falls, the beautiful San Josef Bay, and Grass Lake in Sooke are good examples.
  4. Mountain Trails: If you’re up for a challenge, these trails are for you. They can be quite demanding but reward you with some of the best views on the island. Expect a good climb and some unforgettable scenery.
    Strathcona Park has the tallest mountains on Vancouver Island, but there are some nice lookout climes around the Island, like Mount Manuel Quimper in Sooke, Mount Douglas in Victoria, and The Abyss in Nanaimo.

Each type of hike offers a unique experience, so it really depends on what you’re in the mood for. Whether it’s an easy stroll or a challenging trek, you’re sure to find a trail that suits your fancy.


The summit of Mount Quimper stands a 1950's fire lookout tower peering over the Sooke Hills and Sooke Basin

What to expect around Vancouver Island for Hiking Terrain

When you’re exploring Vancouver Island, each region offers a different slice of terrain and hiking experience:

Juan de Fuca: The Juan de Fuca region includes East Sooke to Port Renfrew and includes rugged, remote coastal trails that can be both serene and challenging. Along with plenty of interior hikes that take you up and down ridges and rocky pathways, trails take you to great views with plenty of ocean and the forested interior.

Victoria: Near the capital city, the terrain is a little more flat, but it does vary from downtown Victoria seaside trails with views of the inner harbour to forested hill climbs such as Mount Doug. It’s a blend of accessibility and scenic outlooks that provide a more urban approach to hiking.

Nanaimo: This area is a gateway to several island experiences, offering hikes that range from riverside walks to mountainous treks. It’s a region where you can enjoy the lush, forested trails and some of the best views of the central part of the island.

Tofino: Tofino is known for its breathtaking beach and rainforest hikes. The trails here, such as the Rainforest Trail, often feature raised boardwalks that take you deep into ancient forests with some of the oldest trees in Canada.

Strathcona: This region is the island’s alpine hiking paradise. The trails in Strathcona Provincial Park, such as those around the Forbidden Plateau, offer rugged mountain terrain, serene lakes, and the chance to encounter diverse wildlife.

Campbell River: As a starting point for North Central Island, the area around Campbell River is known for its wilder, more remote hikes. Trails here can lead you through isolated stretches where encounters with wildlife are more common as you venture further from urban areas.

Cape Scott Provincial Park: Located at the northern tip, this region is wild and remote, with trails like the San Josef Bay Trail leading to untouched beaches and dramatic landscapes and the more difficult Cape Scott Trail that showcases the wild beauty of the island’s far reaches.


Hiking Resources

Wildlife Awareness – Vancouver Island is home to black bears, cougars, and wolves; it’s best to be aware and prepared when exploring the backcountry.

Tide information – When taking in the beautiful views along the coast trails, it’s important to be aware of the ocean tides

Trip planning AdventureSmart is a national program that encourages Canadians and visitors to Canada to “Get informed and go outdoors.”

Weather alerts – Weather can change quickly, so be aware of weather alerts in British Columbia and the area you are exploring.

Maps – Know where you are going use paper maps or apps such as AllTrails to locate trailheads and keep you focused along the trail

View of the upper Englishman River Falls from the bridge

4km hike from the parking lot in the Juan de Fuca Provincial. Heading down to Mystic Beach with waterfall and sea caves. One of the most unique beaches on Vancouver Island
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Hiking Safety

Heading into British Columbia’s great outdoors offers a range of adventures, each requiring a different level of preparation and safety considerations.

Whether you’re planning a leisurely stroll along the beach or a strenuous climb to a mountain peak, the basics remain crucial: pack enough water to stay hydrated and dress in layers to adapt to the island’s weather.

For the longer treks, you’ll need to consider additional essentials like navigation tools, a first aid kit, and perhaps even bear spray.  Remember, no matter the trial difficulty, the key is to be as prepared as possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the Vancouver Island trails.

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