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standing in a rose garden when visiting Butchart gardens in Victoria on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has some of the best-growing conditions for its lush gardens. The public gardens here boast stunning displays of vibrant colours, sweet fragrances and exotic greenery. From hidden coves to sprawling meadows, plenty of beautiful places on Vancouver Island are worth visiting. To help you plan your next day trip or holiday, we have compiled a list of some of the must-see gardens on Vancouver Island.

Sooke Free Travel Planner
Vancouver Island
the logo for Artisans Garden, Coffee Bar, Home goods and garden centre located in Sooke BC
Artisan's Garden
Artisans Garden Cafe in Sooke BC on Vancouver Island
Discover Sooke's most charming and delightful garden oasis and artisan marketplace.
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Mystic Beach

A fantastic tourist destination with so much to offer for nature lovers and adventure seekers.


Jordan River


4km (2.5mi)


Hike, Beach



Mystic Beach Juan de fuca lg
Follow this mystic beach trail map for locations of the suspension bridge, waterfall and washrooms

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