Vancouver Island Is For Family

An Island For All Ages

Vancouver Island: A family vacation destination like no other

No matter your age, from stroller to active elderly. There are great spots on Vancouver Island that everyone can enjoy.

Here are just a few of the many unforgettable experiences that await you on Vancouver Island.

visiting goldstream park on Vancouver Island on the trail to Niagara Falls stopped at this old growth tree stump and took the photo of family

family memories

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Waterfalls outside of Parksville on Vancouver Island. Provincial Park worth visiting.
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Englishman River Falls

long beach surf board tofino
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Long Beach

Sand beach Airforce Beach Comox
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Air Force Beach

Todd Creek Trestle
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Todd Creek Trestle

jumping in sooke potholes
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Swim At the Potholes


Making lifetime memories on the beach. For any kid, visiting the coast for the first time is a memory they will never forget. The smell of the ocean, climbing on driftwood and searching for sea creatures.

There’s nothing like spending a day along the West Coast – Sombrio Beach is a great place that allows beach fires for heating up your lunch and staying warm on cooler days.

Matheson Lake

40 min from Victoria a beautiful lake with a hidden beach, cliffside views and perfect for swim




4km (2.5mi)


Hike, Beach, Swimming



Matheson Lake Trail view
Matheson Lake trail map

The Ultimate Experiences on Vancouver Island

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