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Witty’s Lagoon

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Witty's Lagoon - 3 Great Reasons to Visit at Least Once!

Beach, Waterfall
1.25 hrs - half a day
3km (1.9mi)


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Highlights Include:

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South Island

Located in Metchosin, Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is a day of adventure and wonder. Highlights include a 56-hectare park filled with flowing creeks, a salt marsh, waterfalls, sand beach, as well as kilometres of well-marked trails making for an unforgettable experience—plan for a 5km walk or explore the complete park for the adventurous.

#1 Hike Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park

The park is large and divided into Witty’s Lagoon and Tower Point. Both are great places to enjoy.

Witty’s Lagoon:
The main parking lot houses a Nature Center building and is located on Metchosin Rd and across from Pears Road. The Nature Center is operated by park employees and volunteer naturalists who can answer any questions about the trails, lagoon ecosystem, and the area’s cultural history.

Surrounding the lagoon you will find trails, waterfalls and sand beaches. Within the first 200 meters just off the side of the path, you can explore your first stop. Along the creek are some rapids and a small deteriorating cement dam built in the middle of Bilston Creek.

Tower Point:
The Parking access for Tower Point is located on the other side of the Lagoon in a separate parking lot from Witty’s Lagoon. Tower Point has large open fields and trails that jet out and wind down to access small sand pocket beaches. Throughout Tower Point Park, you will find an easy wide path perfect for walking your dog. Wonder over to the furthest point and take in the view of the gorgeous Juan de Fuca Strait as the harbour seals sunbathe just off of the rocks at Tower Point.

Witty’s Beach is the perfect place to go on a hot summer’s day. During low tide, go out wading through the warm shallow waters, looking over the beautiful Juan de Fuca Strait. Add in Sitting Lady falls and you will find a full day of adventure.

Parking: A busy location and small parking lot, they say it holds 55+ cars but get there early on weekends and during warm weather, not big enough for RVs when busy. There is a bike rack at the main entrance.

Bus: There is a bus stop along Sooke Road for bus numbers 54 and 55. Visit BC Transit for more info.

Amenities: Toilets are located at the parking lot, along the trail and at the beach. No running water.


#2 Sitting Lady Falls

Another hundred meters down the trail, a sign points left for Sitting Lady Falls. If you want to view the falls turn left and continue until you reach the outdoor teaching shelter. Stay right, and within 50-metres, you’ll find yourself on a platform overlooking a tranquil cove where the creek flows down 20 meters of volcanic rock, creating the beautiful Sitting Lady Falls.

Your experience will differ depending on the time of year you are visiting. As the summer comes to an end, the water starts to dry up, and the waterfall becomes just a trickle. After the rain starts up in the fall and winter months, you will find a raging waterfall.

After enjoying your time at the waterfall you can, you can continue walking as Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park offers kilometres of trails.

Or, if you are ready to check out the beach, head back the way you came and continue down the Witty’s Beach Trail.

As you walk along, you’ll pass over the creek and come upon another lookout, this time at the top of Sitting Lady Falls. Soon the trail will open up, and you will see the large salt tidal lagoon. The forest trail continues to weave along the marsh and through the woodlands until you come upon the beach.

"Really nice views. It has beautiful blue water and nice and soft sand. Also many sea shells which my kids love collecting/ looking at. Great nature walk to, family favourite beach/ swimming location. Will return every chance I have."

#3 Witty's Beach

Witty’s Beach is a long sandy beach and, depending on the tide, it will have a completely different look and feel. At high tide, you will find yourself hanging out with large driftwood and sharing the small chunks of sand with other visitors. On the other hand, the water goes way out at low tide, revealing sandy tide pools, shallow waters, and acres of play areas. In the summer the water is shallow allowing it to warm up with the sun, making it a popular place to boogie board and get your feet wet. Picnic tables and pit toilets are located at the beach.

You can access some of the small but beautiful beach coves along Tower Point Park (the other half of Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park) when the water is out. Take a walk out on the sand, and you’ll find seashells, crabs and other sea life. Take a look out into the distance and notice the lighthouse preached on the small island dwarfed by the Olympic mountains on the other side of the strait.

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Being a regional park there is no camping.
It can be a little challenging as it does have stairs, narrows off in some places and the walk can feel longer if carrying beach gear. It can be muddy in winter.
Yes, in winter but dogs are not allowed on the beach between June 1 and September 15th.

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