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Todd Creek Trestle

Todd Creek Trestle

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Todd Creek Trestle Bridge - 100 Years of History

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South Island

The Galloping Goose is an impressive trail for all ages and skill levels. This particular section offers stunning natural and historic beauty that includes two trestle bridges, as well as access to one of British Columbia’s most famous sites: The Potholes! The trail is nice and wide, gravelled and has a gradual climb.

Galloping Goose Trail

The Todd Creek Trestle is one of many trestle bridges located on Vancouver Island but one of the few Vancouver Island Trestles that have been restored and are safe to walk on.

Todd Creek Trestle is located on the Sooke side of the Galloping Goose Trail. Standing about 23 meters above Todd Creek and 113 meters long and is the largest of the two trestle bridges found on the Galloping Goose route. It was constructed from robust and almost everlasting Douglas-fir, supporting countless trains as they hauled lumber and equipment, in effect being an integral part of developing the southern part of the island.

The bridge was decommissioned in 1984, but in 1989 it reopened as part of a 55km walking, biking, and horseback riding trail spanning from Leechtown to Victoria.

In Sept 2019, an extensive restoration project began, replacing timbers, foundation, deck planks and guard rails. This rehabilitation work brought life back to the Todd Creek Trestle and expanded the bridge’s life span 35-50 years.

There are two parking lot options. The first is on Sooke River Road Park just past the Motorcycle store. It’s a great parking lot with a nice washroom and water fountain, this is a great parking lot but the trip is almost double and will be a total of 6km but you do get a bonus bridge, a small steel trestle bridge at Charters River.

If you choose to park in the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, it can be busy and there is a cost to park in the summer. Make sure you start at Parking lot 2 or 3 to gain access to the Galloping Goose trail. From Parking lot 2 head south for 1.1km to get to the Todd Creek trestle.

The trail does go further north along the famous Sooke River and hits the very end of the Galloping Goose Trail to the location of what was once an active gold rush town. Unfortunately, you won’t find much more than a plaque at the historic site.

Tips and Suggestions

The Galloping Goose offers 55km of wide leisurely trails. This small section of the trail will take you over two trestle bridges and end up in the beautiful Sooke Pothole Regional Park. This section is worth checking out if you are looking for a leisurely stroll with family or friends.

Parking: Parking lots are available at both ends of the trail. Sooke Potholes parking lot 3 has room for RV’s but may be hard to find during the busy season.

Amenities: Toilets and water fountains



In 1864 20km north of Sooke, a Vancouver Island expedition discovered gold along the Leech River. Within months, the gold rush was in full swing as hotels and general stores popped up, hoards of miners flocked to the area to try their luck. Although the gold rush was short-lived, the area still saw small-scale mining and logging until the late 1950s.

The Todd and Charters Creek Trestles were built in 1918 to support the local industries hauling lumber and equipment, connecting Leechtown with Sooke and Victoria.

Visit Kinsol Trestle Bridge – one of the largest wood trestle bridges in the world, located in the Cowichan region on Vancouver Island.

A handsome trestle over a beautiful gorge. Glad that they restored this historic bridge as the Galloping Goose trail is all the richer for it. Don't let the rain deter as it's beautiful in all kinds of weather. So lucky to have this in our backyard.

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Where does the Galloping Goose trail start?
The trail starts on Harbour Road along the Upper Harbour and ends at Kapoor Regional Park past Sooke Potholes 55km later.

How far is Todd Creek from the parking lot
From the Galloping Goose trail parking lot, it is an easy 3.3 KM. You will also cross over the smaller Charters Creek steel trestle bridge. If you park at Sooke Potholes Parking lot two, the bridge is only 1.1km one way.

Vancouver Island
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