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Ella Beach

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Ella Beach - A Sooke Sunset on a Quiet Beach

A quick walk from the parking lot Ella Beach is a great spot to unwind and get back to nature. Pick your driftwood log to sit and take in the waves and fresh air.

Another hidden gem around Sooke, with an unspoiled view of Juan de Fuca Strait, a secluded access point just 5 minutes from downtown Sooke. You will find large driftwood trees for climbing and relaxing on while taking in the fresh air. The pebble beach is great for rock hunting.

Ella Beach a Quick Peaceful Getaway

Within a short drive, you will find peace and quiet while also enjoying fabulous views out into the water, where nature plays out in front of you along the still coastline. Out in the floating kelp, expect to see fish jumping the odd seal and large ships in the distance along the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Ella Beach is an excellent spot for a quick paddleboard or take in a lunch listing to the lapping waves on the pebble shoreline. The beach is long, but walking over the large pebbles can be challenging. It’s common to see rock hunters combing the shoreline to look for the perfect rock to take home.

Ella Beach is the perfect spot to get away and enjoy the sounds of waves crashing on the shore or watch as they pull back out into open water with every tide cycle. On a clear fall evening, the sky here does a fantastic job changing colours. If you are looking for a sunset over the Olympic Mountains or lunch along the water, Ella beach might be worth checking out.

Parking: Small parking lot at the end of Ella Road if the lot is full, there is parking along the road.

Amenities: There are no amenities

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There's More - Just Keep Walking

If you feel adventurous and are looking for a bit of a challenge, take a walk down Ella Beach to the Sooke Bluffs. As you make your way along the large stone beach, you may find it tiring as every step adjusts for the rolling rocks.

As the cliffs start getting more significant, you are forced to climb over fallen trees and piles of earth that have tumbled from above. You have no choice but to trek down the beach between the ocean and Sooke Bluffs. You can walk for as long as you have energy, especially during low tide, but don’t forget you still have to walk back.

"A beautiful beach to sit and watch a sunset or just to relax and meditate to the sounds of the waves crashing."

Ella is beautiful. You will find most visitors stay close to the access trail as the rocks can make it a little challenging, and the large pebbles sink and roll with every step. If you are looking for a long walk, you might want to head up the road to Muir Creek, but if you’re going to listen to the waves on the shore or take in a sunset, Ella Beach is great.

Tips and Suggestions

Getting There:
This Sooke beach is easy to get to by heading west out of town on BC Highway 14 to Ella Rd. Follow this small residential street to the end, and you will find a public parking lot and a short walk down the access path to the beach.

Bus numbers 61,63 & 65 drop off at the end of Ella Road (10min walk)

Parking: Small parking lot at the end of the road

Amenities: This site has no amenities


No there is not.

Yes, it’s a fairly quiet beach, you will see other dogs off leash.

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