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BC Aviation Museum

BC Aviation Museum

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Travel through history - One of Canadas Top Aviation Museums

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Where to this weekend, Vancouver Island: Located at the Victoria Airport the BC Aviation Museum is a Must Stop For Any Aviation Fan

Welcome to the British Columbia Aviation Museum, a shelter of aeronautical history nestled next to the Victoria International Airport. This museum is not merely a collection of aircraft; it is a tribute to the trailblazers who dared to make the skies their own, each item in some way linking back to a piece of BC History.

As one of Canada’s best aviation museums, this is a must-visit for anyone fascinated by the journey of flight. From the earliest days of bush flying to the technological marvels of the jet age, the museum captures the essence of British Columbia’s rich aviation history.

Victoria Aviation Museum Bi Plane

As you step through its doors, you’re transported to an era where each takeoff was a new chapter in the story of progress. The museum offers a unique blend of education and excitement, making it an ideal destination for families, history enthusiasts, and aviation aficionados alike.

It’s a place where you can explore two huge hangers displaying aircraft from different eras, talk to friendly staff passionate about the history of flight, and learn about the exhilarating aviation industry.

Exhibits and Collections:

The BC Aviation Museum has an extensive array of exhibits and collections. As visitors meander through the museum, they are greeted by an impressive lineup of aircraft that chronicles the history of aviation, from the fragile biplanes of the early 20th century to the sleek jet fighters of the modern era.

A centrepiece of the museum is its vintage aircraft collection, featuring exact replica of the 1917 Hoffar H-1, the first successful aircraft designed, built and flown entirely in British Columbia.

The museum also proudly displays military aircraft that served in the Canadian Air Force during the times of various conflicts, offering a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by servicemen and women.

Inside the hanger surrounded by ww2 era planes

The BC Aviation Museum has a lot of hands-on experience, allowing visitors to engage with the science and mechanics of flight, from the kids’ zone to walking through the interior of historic planes.

The museum also houses a wealth of artifacts that go beyond aircraft. Visitors can explore a diverse collection of photographs, uniforms, medals, and personal memorabilia that bring the human side of aviation history to life.

Visiting the dedicated Memorial Room is a must, filled with artifacts that give an emotional and personal human aspect of the Canadian lives that were put on the line to fight the multiple wars. Each item tells a personal story, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who have shaped the course of aviation in the province.

Restoration Projects: Where History Comes Alive

One of the most remarkable aspects of the British Columbia Aviation Museum is its dedication to the art and science of aircraft restoration. The museum is not just a place where history is displayed; it’s where history is brought back to life.

Airplane restoration in the large hangerThe restoration hangar is a hive of activity, where the tools for wood and metal are stored for the meticulous work of restoring vintage aircraft to their former glory.

The museum’s volunteers pour their expertise and passion into each project. These skilled craftsmen and craftswomen work with a blend of reverence for the past and the precision of modern technology.

It’s here that aircraft which have seen better days are carefully and lovingly returned to their original condition, often to flying status, allowing them to grace the skies once again.

One of the standout restoration stories is that of the Lancaster FM104, a bomber that flew to England to help in WWII but never saw action.

Visitors can witness first-hand the complexity and beauty of these flying machines and gain an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into their preservation.

Through these restoration efforts, the BC Aviation Museum ensures that the history of aviation is not just remembered but is also experienced. Each completed project is a victory for heritage preservation and an inspiration to those who see these aircraft take to the skies once more.

Bi-Plane in the hanger of museum

Visitor Essentials: Planning Your Adventure

A visit to the British Columbia Aviation Museum is a foray into the fascinating world of flight. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, here are the essential details every visitor should know:

Location and Accessibility

The museum is conveniently situated at 1910 Norseman Road in North Saanich, just outside Victoria. It’s easily accessible by car and public transportation, with ample parking available for visitors. The proximity to the Victoria International Airport adds to the excitement, as visitors can often see modern aircraft taking off and landing nearby.

Operating Hours and Admission

The museum welcomes visitors year-round, opening its doors from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Admission is priced to be accessible for everyone, with discounts available for seniors, youth, and military personnel. Children under the age of five enjoy free admission, making it an affordable destination for family outings.

Facilities and Services

The museum is equipped with facilities to make your visit comfortable, including restrooms and a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and aviation-related items.

For those looking to delve deeper into aviation history, the museum’s library offers a wealth of resources, including over 8,000 books, periodicals, and historical documents.


The BC Aviation Museum is committed to being accessible to all visitors, with wheelchair-friendly pathways and exhibits. Staff and volunteers are always on hand to assist and ensure that every guest has a fulfilling experience.

BC Aviation Museum Sidney

In Conclusion

The BC Aviation Museum offers an experience that is both enlightening and inspiring, providing a unique perspective on the province’s rich aviation heritage. It’s a place where history is tangible, where learning is interactive, and where every visit ignites the imagination.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a family in search of an educational adventure, or simply curious about the history that has shaped our world, the museum is a destination that promises to elevate your understanding and appreciation of aviation. So, we encourage you to take flight into history and discover the wonders of the British Columbia Aviation Museum.

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Contact Information


Telephone: (250) 655-3300

Address: 1910 Norseman Road, Sidney, British Columbia


Getting to the BC Aviation Museum

1910 Norseman Road, Sidney, Vancouver Island

30 min drive from downtown Victoria, the BC Aviation Museum is on YYJ Airport land, two km from the main terminal building. Hidden down a long narrow road, you will know you are almost at the parking lot when you look down and see runway number 26 painted on the narrow pavement.

By Car

Directions – Google Maps
From downtown Victoria, expect a 30 min drive straight down BC-17 and follow the signs to the airport taking the Canora Rd exit. Stay on Canora Rd as it veers to the right. The BC Aviation Museum will be on your left.


From downtown Victoria, expect it to take 1h 20m to get to Victoria International Airport.
Busses 71, 82, 87,88 stop in front of the Aviation Museum.
BC Transit 


The Victoria area has a great trail system. From the airport doors, head past the parking lots at the airport. Across Willingdon Road is a paved walking and biking trail. Follow it around Rotary Park along Canora Rd, and it will take you directly to the BC Aviation Museum.
No bike rack on location. Walking your bike into the fenced area at the front doors would offer protection.

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