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Reynolds Antiques and Collectibles located in Sooke BC Vancouver Island

The Islands premier Antique Store: Packed with Jewellery, Antiques and Collectibles

Reynolds Antiques and Collectibles,

Unique Antique Experience

Looking for a unique and extraordinary shopping experience with treasures from around the globe? The store is brimming with unique furniture pieces, rare art finds and exotic artifacts that will transform any space into a true masterpiece.

A family-run business with an expert team of curators sources items from all corners of the world, ensuring that each piece has its own tale to tell.


Reynolds Antiques is the premier destination for beautiful jewellery, watches and antique pieces. Guaranteed to find a rare one-of-kind piece that will captivate your heart in this extensive collection.

First Nations Art

The store is a treasure trove of exquisite First Nations art pieces that showcase indigenous artists' incredible skill and craftsmanship. Each piece reflects a rich cultural heritage passed down through generations, from hand-carved totem poles to intricate woven baskets and striking masks.

Sooke has a deep First Nations history and the knowledgeable team is dedicated to preserving and promoting First Nations art.

Reynolds Antiques store in Sooke has a wide variety of antiquities, art, jewelry and collectibles from all over the world.

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Sooke is lucky enough to have a family of talented collectors just waiting to share all their awesome finds with visitors!

The Reynolds Antiques family casts a wide net over all sorts of antiquities from different eras from all over the world. They specialize in estate sales and downsizing, and they take their time categorizing and displaying all their wares for you.

You could spend an entire afternoon strolling through the store, gazing at everything from art to fine jewelry, furniture to collectibles. If you have vintage blood running through your veins, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit and maybe take home a treasure of your own! 

  • Art – paintings, carvings and glasswork
  • Silver – antique frames, bowls and dishes
  • Jewelry – rings, necklaces, watches and broaches
  • Vintage – collectibles, toys, music and clothing


If you get a chance to visit when the owners are working, be prepared to get a lesson in the history of some of their incredibly unique items. These guys know their stuff, and they’ve been doing what they love for a long time. It was such a score for the community of Sooke when they decided to expand their vision and open their retail location. 

Maybe you have a gem hiding in your attic? We’re willing to bet the folks at Reynolds could tell you a thing or two about it! Located in Sooke’s shopping district, you could easily add a visit to Reynolds Antiques and make a day out of learning about some gorgeous items from our past and having a fantastic time doing it. 

The family also does a great job at keeping up with social media. Be sure to search them out on Facebook and take in an online auction! They are always coming up with fantastic ways to get some incredible riches from the past into the hands of people ready to love them.

We recommend adding Reynolds Antiques to your Sooke Boardwalk Loop as you browse through the stores in the heritage shopping district of Sooke. First Nations indigenous art and carvings to glass, jewelry and watches. There’s a reason people come from all around BC to visit Reynolds. View the online store at

Reynolds Antiques and Collectibles located in Sooke BC Vancouver Island

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