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Colorful floating homes line a tranquil dock at Fisherman's Wharf, with a clear blue sky overhead. Pedestrians wander along the boardwalk, while kayaks are stacked neatly beside the red houseboat, and calm waters reflect the vibrant buildings and moored boats
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Indulge in restaurants, unique shops and eco-tour adventures while afloat on the harbour. Stroll along the dock and enjoy the...
In the forest close to tofino the Casno Bomber Plan sits in the forest a short hike from the hwy
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The WW2 Canso Plane Crash Hike is a popular and unique hiking trail near Tofino to a ww2 Canso Bomber aircraft that crashed i...
a totem pole and the Mungo Martin House a traditional big house with a large painted wall in Thunderbird Park Victoria
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Victoria's cultural heritage at Thunderbird Park. From towering totem poles and the Mungo Martin House offering an enriching ...
Looking across the top of the open air Malahat Skywalk. Two people with backs turned looking out over Saanich Inlet
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An easy family experience that won't be forgotten. The Malahat Skywalk on Vancouver Island will take your breath away with th...
Sidney Pier beacon park
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Full of charm and character, visitors can explore Sidneys' many boutiques and art galleries, stroll along the waterfront boar...
A serene beach scene at Mystic Beach, featuring a dramatic waterfall cascading down a cliffside into the ocean. The beach is dotted with large driftwood logs and rocks, and lush evergreen trees tower above the cliffs. The sunlight shimmers on the water, creating a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere. A person and a child are walking along the shore, adding a sense of scale to the impressive natural landscape.
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A fantastic tourist destination with so much to offer for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
Matheson Lake Trail view
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40 min from Victoria a beautiful lake with a hidden beach, cliffside views and perfect for swim
Fairy Lake Bonsai Tree Vancouver Island 10 minutes from Port Renfrew BC
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The Fairy Lake Bonsai Tree is a rare find. The naturally formed bonsai tree has easy access and is a well-known spot for phot...
Victoria to Cowichan Valley Wine Tour with Tastings 5
Discover the wines of the Cowichan Valley on a wine tour from Victo...
Join us on an amazing whale watching tour for a chance to witness a...
Full Melt Fishing Charters fishing rod
You’re likely to go after Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon,...
Get up close and personal with the ocean and its incredible marine ...
zodiac whale watching
Watch the water for sightings of humpback whales, minke whales and ...
Rodfather Fishing rod 2b
A local charter with experienced guides who have been fishing the w...
Visiting Tofino? Make the most of your visit with our guided rainfo...
Seattle ferry
Enjoy a scenic cruise through the Salish Sea to Victoria, the perfe...
An exciting adventure in the Salish Sea departing from Nanaimo, dis...
Visit Vancouver Island, the largest island on the North American We...

Hikes & Beaches: take in Vancouver Islands breathtaking beaches, hikes and waterfalls and the quick stops along the way.

Where to this weekend? 
Explore the hidden gems of Vancouver Island! Dive into a world of breathtaking beaches, exhilarating hikes, and unforgettable quick stops that will leave you craving more. On Vancouver Island, every step is an adventure, every view is a masterpiece, and every moment takes your breath away.

Are you ready to head out and explore Vancouver Island’s top locations and find lesser-known destinations? Let’s dive right in and discover the untamed beauty that awaits you!

Get a comprehensive introduction to Vancouver Island with this two-...
Tubing in Lake Cowichan 3
Experience the ride of a lifetime with The Tube Shack, Lake Cowicha...
Prefer luxury over adventure? Our variety of covered vessels all of...
4h zodiac tour campbell river 4
Discover some of British Columbia’s most scenic and unspoiled stret...

Picture this: winding paths that lead you through lush forests, up mountain peaks, and right down to a secluded waterfall.

And oh, the beaches! Whether you’re a sun worshipper, a sandcastle builder, or a sunset chaser, you’re in for a treat. Imagine soft sand beneath your toes, the ocean’s melody in your ears, and the scent of salty air filling your lungs.

And let’s not forget about those fun stops along the way! Quirky roadside attractions and hidden gems that you’ll stumble upon when you least expect it. Who knows, you might even find your new favourite spot!