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Sooke Restaurants and Breweries


Visitors to Sooke will find a great variety of dine-in restaurants to choose from.

From authentic Mexican cuisine to Indian dishes, sushi, western Canadian fare and seafood, there is something for everyone and their fickle taste buds at one of the many local Sooke restaurants.

Cafes & Bakeries

Sooke has a great selection of cafes and bistros to choose from, offering everything from light snacks to full meals. Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy cup of coffee or a delicious lunch with friends, there is something for everyone in Sooke.

There are also several bakeries located around town offering fresh pastries and cakes. With its unique blend of flavours, Sooke has something to satisfy every craving.

Recommended Cafe’s:
Artisans Garden
Island Tarts Cafe

Craft Beer

Sooke is home to three unique breweries, each offering a different variety of craft beers and ciders. Each brewery offers a different setting, from a downtown heated patio to a view looking over Sooke Basin to an at-home feel hanging with friends.

Alongside their great beer selection, each brewery also offers a unique food truck experience.

Food Trucks

Not interested in a hotel stay? There are plenty of vacation rental properties available in the area. Whether you’re looking for a secluded cottage or one bedroom with a view, find the perfect home away from home surrounded by nature and the getaway only the Sooke area can offer.

Sooke Restaurant
Sooke Oceanside Brewing SOB interior with logo
Patio view at Artisan's Garden Coffee bar. Shop, grab a specialty coffee and a treat in this great location

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of restaurants are available in Sooke?

If you’re seeking a romantic evening for two, an entertaining dinner out with friends, or a cozy family get-together Sooke has a range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

The list of Sooke Restaurants includes casual cafes and bistros as well as exquisite dining establishments. There is sure to be something to tantalize every palate.

Are there any food trucks in Sooke?

Yes, Sooke has several food trucks located throughout the area. The parking lot beside the Sooke Brewery often has two or three food trucks.

Food trucks and trailers are also found at the other two breweries, in the parking lot next to the Lazy Gecko and are commonplace at the Night Market in the Summer. 

Best Cafe in Sooke?

There are several cafés located in Sooke offering a range of coffees and light snacks. View our directory for the complete list. There are a couple that stand out, such as the Island Tarts Cafe and Artisan’s Garden.

Is there a brewery in Sooke?

Yes, in fact, there are three in the Sooke area! Each brewery offers a unique tap room with its own locally brewed craft beer.