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Sooke Hotels/Resorts

For those looking for a little extra luxury, there are two outstanding resorts in Sooke and beautiful condo style accommodations looking over the edge of the sea in East Sooke. 

Recommended Sooke Hotels

Vacation Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts

With limited hotels in the area, vacation rentals and B&Bs are popular options for visitors to the Sooke area. From oceanfront homes to affordable suites, stay in the Sooke area and discover beaches, hikes, and ocean activities.   


There are also plenty of camping opportunities in the area – Bring your trailer or set up a tent in one of the great campgrounds or spend the day hiking to one of the backcountry sites. 

SookePoint Ocean Resort ocean view. East Sooke Hotel looking over Juan de fuca
Arial photo taken on a nice fall day when visiting Sooke Boardwalk looking over Sooke Harbour on the southern tip of Vancouver Island

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About Sooke and Area

East Sooke

Located south east of Sooke directly across the Sooke Basin – it’s truly remote and breathtaking.

Just a 25 minute drive from the town of Sooke, even the drive has spectacular windy roads and water views. East Sooke offers rugged terrain, beautiful views and  a true West Coast feel.

There are also vacation rentals dotted along the landscape and a luxury option at Sooke Point Ocean Cottage Resort offering breathtaking Pacific Ocean Views.


Built as a logging town, tourism didn’t seem to be in the plan when designing the layout for Sooke. 

Sooke is one of those towns that somehow stay hidden from most people’s radar, it has so much to offer. With a little bit of knowledge, you’ll quickly discover how many hidden gems Sooke has spread all along the Sooke Harbour.

The best way to experience Sooke is by staying at least one or two nights; one day is not enough. The area’s natural beauty will keep you busy for days.

Treat yourself an get away from the city, find a quiet hotel or air BnB tucked away in the Vancouver Island Rainforest. We’ve compiled a list of some of the great Sooke accommodations, including hotels, Air BnBs, vacation rentals and campgrounds.

A little research before your visit will make a big difference on your experience in Sooke. Download the free Sooke Itinerary 

Shirley and Jordan River

Between Sooke and Jordan River you will find wonderful Vacation rentals dotting Highway 14. the more west you go the more rugged the landscape and the wilder the beaches become.

Shirley is a small community with one (fantastic) place to eat. Down the road a little further, you will find a stand alone coffee shop popular with the local surfers who frequent the Jordan River area.

Sooke Point Ocean Resort balcony view over Juan de Fuca Strait on Vancouver Island

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect when visiting Sooke?

Sooke is a great place to visit. At first look it may feel like there isn’t much to do in town. A little bit of knowledge of the area and you will quickly find out that there is plenty to do in Sooke!

It may be a little deceiving as there isn’t a large downtown core and the community is spread around the Sooke Basin. Even the two hotel/resort options in Sooke are well hidden. 

It’s great to do a little research so you know of all the little jewels Sooke has to offer during your stay. 

We’ve created a Sooke Travel Planner to help you enjoy your visit to the max.


Should I stay in Victoria or Sooke?

Victoria is a beautiful city, but it’s just that, a city. Busy streets, lots of activity and large hotels.

Sooke offers the complete opposite. Forest trails, babbling brooks and beautiful beaches for unique vacation stays.

What are you looking to get out of your vacation? The hustle and bustle of the city or a few days of getting in touch with nature?


Does Sooke have hotels?

Sooke has a few options for accommodations but only one official hotel,  The Prestige Ocean Front Resort.  There are more rooms available at small inns and managed properties like Sooke Harbour Resort, Sookepoint Ocean Cottage Resort and Ocean Wilderness Inn