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Sooke - Visitor Guide

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Welcome to Sooke! If you’re wondering where to venture next, this guide is your perfect companion.

Sooke is brimming with experiences waiting to be discovered. Dive into our guide and let the area surprise you with today’s grand adventure!

Welcome to Sooke!

Tours, fishing, spas & more

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Charters Creek
10 Minute Stop
An easy walk over two walking bridges along salmon ponds and through some magnificent old-growth trees and ferns blanketing ...
Sunriver Nature Trail
A backyard secret is an easy walk as you head down the banks of the Sooke River
Sooke Boardwalk Loop
Walk, Park
Experience stunning views of Sooke Harbour – 1.4km walk
Sasquatch Sighting
10 Minute Stop
This 11 foot Sasquatch isn't great at hiding and makes an easy stop on the way to East Sooke
Cliffside view of SookePoint Ocean Cottage with oceanfront accommodations, nestled on a rugged coastline with a clear sky above and the ocean below, with bold text overlay stating 'Sooke Hotels - Oceanfront Accommodations in Sooke'.
We Visited the Best Hotels in Sooke and This Is What We Found
Discover the top hotels in Sooke, including the prestigious Oceanfront Resort on Vancouver Island...
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Sookes hidden gem shoppers treasure map blog post image
The Hidden Gems of Sooke: A Shopper's Treasure Map
Discovering Sooke's hidden shops and boutiques is part of the fun
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This image features a man standing on a rocky shoreline on Vancouver Island, looking out over the ocean. He is viewed from behind and wears a blue jacket and jeans. The scenery includes clear blue skies and a calm sea, with distant mountains visible across the water. Text overlay at the top reads "7-DAY ROAD TRIP South to North Seven Day Trip Across Vancouver Island," suggesting the theme of a travel itinerary.
7 Day Epic Vancouver Island Road Trip itinerary with a crazy 25 Stops
25 stops on a seven-day Vancouver Island road trip itinerary exploring some of Vancouver Island's...
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girl on a rope swing on a rocky beach with the beautiful Sandcut Beach waterfall behind her on a winter day just outside of Sooke BC on Vancouver Island
Top 10 exciting things to see & do when visiting Sooke 2024
Discover the must see treasures and experiences, we've curated in our the top 10 things to do in ...
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Goin Coastal Fishing Charters catch
You Keep Catch Catch Cleaning & Fileting Rods, reels & Tackles 4hr, 5hr & 8hr options 6 person 26' boat Inshore F...
Blue Wolf Charters group catch
You Keep Catch Catch Cleaning & Fileting Rods, reels & Tackles 4hr & 8hr options 4 person 26' boat Inshore Fishin...
Sooke Salmon Charters group catch
You Keep Catch Catch Cleaning & Fileting Rods, reels & Tackles 4hr, 6hr & 8hr options 4 person 25' boat Nearshore...
Tips Up Sport Fishing Charters boat 2
You Keep Catch Catch Cleaning & Fileting Rods, reels & Tackles 4hr, 6hr & 8hr options 4 person 26' boat Nearshore...
Full Melt Fishing Charters fishing rod
You Keep Catch Catch Cleaning & Fileting Rods, reels & Tackles 2hr, 4hr, 5hr & 8hr options 5 person 23'boat Insho...