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Saanich Peninsula

Natural Beauty: With its stunning coastline, the peninsula is a haven for nature lovers. Enjoy scenic drives, lush forests, and beautiful beaches.

Agriculture and Vineyards: Known for its fertile lands, the area boasts numerous farms and vineyards. Wine enthusiasts can explore local wineries offering tastings and tours.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, biking, kayaking, and sailing are popular, thanks to the peninsula’s varied landscape and marine environment.

Cultural Sites: The region is rich in history and culture, featuring museums, art galleries, and heritage sites.

Charming Towns: Sidney by the Sea, for instance, is known for its waterfront setting, bookstores, and friendly atmosphere. North Saanich, Saanichton, Brentwood Bay make up the Saanich Peninsula.

Gardens and Parks: Beautiful public gardens and parks are scattered throughout, perfect for leisurely strolls and picnics. The most famous is The Butchart Gardens, which can be found in Brentwood Bay.

Proximity to Victoria: Being close to Victoria, it offers easy access to the city’s attractions while providing a more relaxed, rural atmosphere.


the Saanich Peninsula is not only a hub of natural and cultural attractions but also a key transportation center on Vancouver Island, thanks to the Victoria International Airport and several ferry terminals:

Victoria International Airport (YYJ): As the second busiest airport in British Columbia, it connects the peninsula and Vancouver Island to various destinations across Canada, the United States, and other international locations. Conveniently located in North Saanich, the airport is well-equipped and user-friendly, making it a vital gateway for both tourists and residents.

BC Ferries Terminals: The peninsula houses the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, one of the main ferry terminals in the region. This terminal is a crucial link between Vancouver Island and the mainland, providing regular services to Tsawwassen near Vancouver. The picturesque ferry ride offers stunning views of the Gulf Islands and the Strait of Georgia.

Anacortes Ferry Terminal: Located in Sidney, this terminal operates the Anacortes-Washington State Ferries route, connecting the peninsula directly to the United States. This route is particularly popular with tourists looking to explore both Canadian and US destinations along the Pacific Coast.

Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay Ferry: A smaller, but scenic ferry route connects Brentwood Bay and Mill Bay. This short trip is not only a convenient shortcut for travelers heading to the northern parts of the island but also offers beautiful views of the Saanich Inlet.

These transportation hubs make the Saanich Peninsula an accessible and convenient starting point for exploring Vancouver Island and beyond, enhancing its appeal as a travel destination.

Map of Vancouver Island South Zone
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Visiting the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island is a captivating experience, ideal for those who cherish the blend of serene natural beauty, vibrant agricultural communities, and rich cultural heritage.

This picturesque area, nestled just north of Victoria, offers a unique blend of activities and sights. Whether it’s exploring lush vineyards, indulging in fresh, locally sourced cuisine, or taking in stunning coastal views, the peninsula provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With its charming villages, such as Sidney by the Sea, and easy access to outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking, the Saanich Peninsula is a perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the tranquil yet lively essence of Vancouver Island.

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