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Welcome to the Nanaimo
Visitor Guide

Reel Time Fishing Charters catch
affordable trip options, a captain with more than 2 decades of experience on the water, a stable fishing platform, convenient...
Riverbend Cave Explorer
For those who want to explore a cave without crawling or vertical climbing, this tour offers the opportunity to view fossils ...
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Explore the marble passages and crystal caverns created by the ‘Ice Age’ on this guided, 3-hour caving and hiking expedition....
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If you’re looking to explore Vancouver Island’s wild west coast without the hustle and bustle of Tofino, consider visiting Po...
Couple walking on one of the best beaches in Nanaimo
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Visit this lovely beach during low tide to get the most out of the soft sand and expansive area
Long exposure photo of a Stocking Creek Waterfall waterfall with ferns and lots of greenery.
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Discover the charm of Stocking Creek Waterfall in just 30 to 60 minutes! All you need to know from scenic trails to perfect p...
St-Annes-Church-with-sign (2)
Visit the oldest surviving log church and the cemetery of the final resting place of the original settlers of Parksville on V...
Waterfalls outside of Parksville on Vancouver Island. Provincial Park worth visiting.
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walk icon
Everything you need to know about Englishman River Falls Provincial Park. The waterfalls, accessible trail, parking camping ...

Tours, fishing & more

Hotels & vacation rentals

Hikes, beaches & more

Planning Your Trip to Nanaimo

If you are seeking an adventure-soaked holiday or a tranquil escape, this guide is your key to unlocking all that Nanaimo has to offer, from serene landscapes to vibrant cityscapes. Prepare for a journey where every turn reveals a new surprise.

Nanaimo Accommodations

Discover the best options for Hotels and Vacation Rentals in Nanaimo.

From luxury to budget-friendly, Nanaimo’s hotels cater to all, offering exceptional service and convenient locations. Or immerse yourself in the local way of life with a vacation rental, perfect for those seeking a home-away-from-home experience.


In Nanaimo, uncover the city’s rich history and vibrant culture through engaging guided tours, experience the awe of whale watching in their natural habitat, and seek thrills by spelunking in the area’s unique cave systems, all crafting a story of adventure and discovery.

Things to do in Nanaimo

If you are looking for things to do, including the best hikes and beaches around Nanaimo, you’re in luck. The region is filled with the best Canada has to offer. 


Getting to Nanaimo is a breeze, with various transportation options to suit your travel style.

  1. Ferry: Embark on a scenic journey across the waters with BC Ferries. Enjoy breathtaking views and spot some local wildlife! 
  2. Airport: Nanaimo Airport (YCD) connects you to the rest of Canada and beyond, offering a convenient start or end to your island adventure.
  3. City Bus: BCTransit is efficient and affordable, the city bus service is a great way to navigate through the city and soak in the local atmosphere.