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Victoria Audio Tour
Victoria Audio Tour

This fascinating audio guided tour will show you the beautiful west coast city of Victoria. You’ll learn about the region’s history with the native aboriginals and about its fur trading roots.

Perfectly suited for discovery on foot, our self-guided audio tour allows you to set the pace and explore at your leisure as you uncover the stories of this exciting city.

You will see wonderful examples of architecture by Francis Rattenbury throughout the city and buildings which have been regenerated and stood the test of time, such as the famous Empress Hotel.

To discover this vibrant city in your own time and at your own pace just download this self-guided audio tour, pop in your headphones, open the map that comes with your download and start walking.

The tour will take approximately two hours, but you can pause the audio guide when needed. Grab a bite to eat or do some shopping along the way.

Please note that this tour is only available in English.

What’s Included

  • Zip folder of audio files and map
  • Self-Guided Audio Tour
  • Self-paced
  • Downloadable link to download mp3 file and map


What To Expect

Inner Harbour
The Inner Harbour spreads across the edge of the city and includes several bays and historical landmarks, including the Empress Hotel.

Bastion Square
Some of Bastion Square’s buildings are among the oldest in the city and many are landmark structures of Canada.

With plenty of parks, theatres, restaurants and bars in walking distance, it’s easy to stay busy in Chinatown.

Fan Tan
Alley Fan Tan Alley was originally a gambling district consisting of shady bars and opium dens. Today, however, it is a popular tourist destination with ample retail shops, an art gallery and many Chinese cafes, restaurants and apartments.

Empress Hotel National Historic Site of Canada
The Empress Hotel is one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Canada. The Empress has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada and has become an iconic symbol for the city of Victoria itself.

Royal BC Museum
The Royal British Columbia Museum hosts touring exhibits from all around the world; recently, these have included exhibits on the Titanic, Leonardo da Vinci, Egyptian history and Genghis Khan. The museum has an impressive collection of natural history, including the Ice Age and the Stone Age.

Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park is an impressive 75,200 acres of gardens located along the shore of Juan de Fuca Strait in Victoria. It is home to some rare tree species, including Garry oak, arbutus, Douglas-fir, western red cedar, camas, trillium, snowberry, Oregon grape, and fawn lily. It also has its own zoo, mainly featuring farm animals.