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Mystical Rainforest Tour
Mystical Rainforest Tour


  • Discover the joy of forest bathing and nature mysticism
  • Get out of your head and slow down, relax, and unwind in some nature
  • Learn how to practice mindfulness
  • See a majestic 650-year-old Douglas Fir tree
  • Experience the wild enchantment of a West Coast temperate rainforest


Enjoy a unique guided nature walk, where you will embark on a relaxed, mindfulness-based stroll through the wild enchantment of a west coast temperate rainforest. A whole lot more than just a walk in the park, these tours are very experiential, with structured activities grounded in the principles of forest bathing and nature mysticism.

Your tour starts with a brief introduction to forest bathing and nature mysticism. You will be introduced to a unique philosophy or mindset that involves a deliberate acknowledgment of nature with suggestions on how to show your gratitude.  You will be invited to set an intention of what you would like to receive from the forest during your tour (e.g. insight, healing, stress reduction).

Upon entering the forest, you will learn about Vancouver Island’s West Coast Temperate Rainforests – seeing, touching, tasting, smelling and listening to the vibrant presence and ecosystem that brings the rainforest to life. Now that you are grounded, your forest bathing and nature mysticism experience can begin.


  • A guided, mindfulness-based walking tour of a west coast temperate rainforest
  • Fun and informative natural mysticism-based activities
  • Holistic wellness tips for the mind, body, and spirit
  • Free pick-up and drop-off within greater Victoria
  • For guests travelling on their own, free parking is available at the park
  • Additional free activities after your tour (nature interpretive center, picnic areas, hiking, etc.)