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Delicious Donut Adventure Tour
Delicious Donut Adventure Tour

Experience the sweet flavours of Victoria with a guided donut walking tour. Explore downtown through the lens of donuts. Learn about the area’s history and have fun with your guide.


  • Sample Victoria’s best donuts on the city’s only donut tour
  • Explore 4 of the top donut shops in downtown
  • Celebrate all things donut with like-minded donut aficionados
  • Enjoy this unique way of celebrating Victoria’s food culture

Our tour starts at a quintessentially Victoria donut shop, Empire Donuts, in the heart of downtown. Empire is known for its unique donuts in an intergalactic 50’s diner-style shop.

From there, we walk a short distance to a beloved coffee and donut spot in Victoria, passing some of the best restaurant locations (according to our guides!) along the way. Once caffeinated, we will make our way down to Government Street, taking in the inner harbour, including the Empress Hotel and parliament buildings.

As we weave our way back into downtown, we will eventually hit our third donut spot, a local ma and pop shop for delightful donuts. Finally, we will walk towards Chinatown and end at Friend and Family Bake in Fantan Alley. This bakery has numerous Filipino treats, including donuts, and if we are lucky, we can see these delicious treats being made.

We can’t wait to show you this wonderful city in all its donut glory! We hope to see you soon!

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