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Coffee & Artisan Market
Coffee & Artisan Market

This charming and secluded house is located just off the street from the downtown core and offers a wonderful experience for those who seek relaxation, appreciate the beauty of handcrafted items and flowers, and enjoy sipping coffee while admiring the stunning view of Sooke Harbour.

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Mackenzie's Espresso Bar
Local Artisan Market
Garden Centre
Sooke Views

Three obvious reasons you should make a stop at Artisan’s Garden.

Espresso Bar

Before exploring the lovely property and market, make sure to stop by the espresso bar and indulge in a delicious item from their menu. With a variety of drinks and tasty snacks such as the Powerball or Chicken Curry Pocket, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Now you can take your time and enjoy your drink on the raised patio overlooking the garden center and Sooke Harbour or start to wander through the upstairs Artisan market

Artisan Market

The showroom provides a delightful and cozy experience, showcasing the exceptional work of local artisans and offering a diverse selection of home decor and gift ideas. The main room has a ton of natural light with a central table highlighting the work of local talents, along with its comfortable corners and welcoming atmosphere, making it an exciting and enjoyable space to explore.

Garden Centre

To get to the garden center, head towards the side of the building and take the access ramp leading to the backyard. There, you will discover a lovely yard filled with a wide variety of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees scattered across the property. The garden center also offers several seating areas where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your coffee surrounded by the lush greenery and colourful blooms.

What you should know:
  • This is a great stop for a coffee or a yummy treat on your way down to the Boardwalk Loop in Sooke. Grab a coffee or snack and wander down to the water.
What others have to say:

About Artisan's Garden


A wonderful family-owned business that started with Gwen as she transferred the house from a hair studio to a garden center and later expanded it to include an espresso bar and an artisan market with the help of her two daughters. Gwen, Shelby, and Makenzie have created a cozy and inviting environment that instantly makes you feel at home as soon as you enter.

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