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What is Vancouver Island Bucket List?

Vancouver Island Bucket List is the fastest-growing resource to discover the best hiking trails, beaches, local cuisine, and excursions, all in one convenient location.

No more waisting time on multiple websites here you will find everything you need for your ultimate guide to adventure on Vancouver Island.

Hey, I'm Steve!

I want to help you experience Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island Bucket List began as a passion project when I moved to Vancouver Island and wanted to explore my new home.

A little frustrated with the information on the popular  provincial park sites, I had to jump around to find what I was looking for, so I created a website dedicated to helping others discover Vancouver Island’s popular stops and hidden gems, all in one place.

I started by exploring the island and documenting my favourite hiking trails, the best local cuisine, and the most breathtaking excursions.

I also love talking to locals and gathering stories and insider tips to provide a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to experience the island.

the map that kicked off Vancouver Island Bucket ListThe Idea came from an image in my office, a 6 foot vinyl sticker I made of Vancouver Island with ten bucket list items that I set a goal to complete.

In my research, I discovered it takes a lot of work to find all the information I needed, and it usually ended up with me having multiple tabs open in my browser, and feeling a little confused and disappointed.

After talking to newcomers and visitors to the island, I found they had the same issues, Vancouver Island Bucket List was born! With a commitment to providing a one-stop shop for information on outdoor adventure and local culture, we continue to update and expand the website, inspiring others to discover and fall in love with the island, just as I have.


Join us on our Journey

How to Discover Vancouver Island With
Vancouver Island Bucket List

Still in its infancy, it has quickly become the fastest-growing visitor guide site on the island. We are growing fast. Within our first year, we built many features to make your experience the best possible.

  • Experiences: It’s all about experiences, from the perfect beach walk to a gourmet dinner. We provide the information to help direct the adventure you are looking for.
  • Business Directory: Local business is at the heart of an experience, whether it’s shopping for the perfect memory or heading out fishing on the open sea.
    Knowledge of Vancouver Island’s best tourism-related businesses can take your experience to the next level.
    These businesses mean the world to us, their support is what keeps our website operating and growing.
  • Newsletter: For the local Islander who wants to discover new adventures. Join our newsletter for lesser known experiences on Vancouver Island.
  • Location Maps: Maps it’s all about maps. I am a visual person, I want to know where the trail is in relation to my trip.
    Discovering a new experience just to find out that it’s on the other side of the island is disheartening, you will find maps everywhere on our site.
  • Road Trips and Itineraries: We are building out plans and ideas for your trip to Vancouver Island.
    From the best places to visit when driving on Vancouver Island to detailed information when staying in one town for an extended period of time.
Vancouver Island Bucket List on China Beach Juan de Fuca

Our Story

Born and raised in Alberta just west of Edmonton in a small farm town. The first time my parents purchased a home video camera, I quickly became interested in digital media as a kid. 

I went to college to learn about the print media industry. I started a graphic design company after a few years of working for a large magazine and then moved on to the screen printing world.

Later, I was drawn into the family business for 15 years. The knowledge I gained running a small business in the Powersports industry is indispensable.

Realizing a Dream

From our first visit, we realized Vancouver Island offered something our family had been searching for for years. It just felt like home, the embrace of the trees and hills against the rocky shores and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Vancouver Island filled a place in our souls.

And in early 2021, we were able to make our dream happen. The stars aligned, and we were able to sell everything that didn’t fit into a small 20′ container, packed it up and drove out to our new home in Sooke without any plans, just knowing that this was the right place for us.

Today we love every minute on the island, the people, the spectacular experiences and the West Coast Air. I’m so at home that I’ve dedicated myself to helping other people discover and fall in love with the island just as we have.

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